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Art Services

Live Painting:  Are you planning a black tie gala?  A destination wedding?  Whatever the event, a professional artist painting live during the event is a unique and dynamic feature.  Consider commissioning a piece that will commemorate the event.  Other options for live painting are available... let's talk.  Make your event memorable!

Curatorial Services:  If you are planning an exhibit or an event that requires a body of work from a number of artists, I can help you. I have access to some of the area's finest artists of all genres and mediums.

Workshops & Lessons:  For the remainder of 2018 through spring of 2019, I am not taking on any students.  I've got several full-day workshops in the planning stage, designed to provide an immersion experience, which will be available late 2019.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page - schedules and updates are included in each emailed newsletter.

Commissions:  The window for commissions completed in 2018 is closing.  If you are interested in a commissioned artwork that would be required by the holidays, please contact me by September 15.  Visit the Commissions page for details. 

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