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Artist Statement

My work is described as colorful with sharp contrasts and lightness of spirit.​

Inspiration that sparks a new painting comes from everywhere and anywhere. Beautiful colors and striking compositions in nature, at home, in the city catch my attention daily.  


I love the physicality of creating the lyrical, non-objective works that are large, energetic and dynamic.  I also love the more meditative process of developing minimalist or color field paintings, layer by layer.  My small, contemporary mixed media works are a way of playing and allow me to get into the detail that I love abandoning on the large canvases. 

Joy and optimism are important elements of my painting process, whether it is joy that sparks the process, or the process that leads me back to joy. The doing - the creating - is a relief for my mind and brings me peace, and a more natural way to live in the world, giving my analytical brain a reset, letting my hands and heart take over, allowing the painting to lead and I surrender to it. 

  Visit my Exhibitions page for a list of current and upcoming exhibits, plus select past exhibits.

Why I Paint

I love the process of creating art because the possibilities are endless.  It is a path of continuous discovery and experimentation to bring those possibilities to life.  Joy and optimism are critical elements in my process, partially because that is my core, but also because I believe the intended outcome of beauty is equally as important as a provocative statement for social consciousness - now more than ever.  Beauty soothes the soul and opens the heart, allowing us to be more conscious in the world, helping us make connections through our commonalities.

I love sharing the joy with you, and I hope my art makes you happy; makes you smile.  Every smile makes the world a better place.


My Art Process

Most of my work is lyrical abstract expression with a constant underlying theme of sharp contrast and lightness of spirit.  I create large energetic works in acrylic and mixed media on both canvas and paper, layered with details of interest using stencils, texture mediums, hand-made paper, and spray paint.  I switch back and forth between pure abstract works, abstracted animal paintings (because animals are magical), and urban works inspired by my love of city streets, skylines and city life.  Having different streams of work in progress helps to satisfy my ever-curious mind, and gives me a place to put all the ideas that come out of an experience.   I always have another exciting project waiting when I complete the work at hand.   Visit my Exhibitions page for a list of current and upcoming exhibits, plus select past exhibits.

My tools

I use only the highest quality materials in all of my work -  paints, mediums, markers and spray paints; high quality acrylic markers, Neocolor II, Pigma Micron pens and other reputable brands - all are archival, as well as the canvas and paper.  With mixed media works, the collage papers I use are often fragile, so I use archival mediums to protect them and preserve them for a lifetime, and all works are coated with a varnish that is protective, yet removable for restoration.

The outcome for me -- and for anyone who honors me with the purchase of my work -- should always be one of joy!  

Art Writing


Another form my creativity takes is with the written word.  As a writer and editor, I write about artists and the art scene, and am now editing books with art-related content.  My first endeavor at my own book is in the works; a children’s book that is a labor of love based on my beautiful dog, Shannon.

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