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Between the Spaces at MC3

June, 2022

Thank you to all who came out to my opening reception at MC3! It was a fun evening despite the weather and it was wonderful to see friends I haven’t seen in a while and meet some new ones. I loved seeing new people at my closing reception too in tandem with the Annapolis Arts Week Kick-off. The end of a very satisfying experience.

This exhibit was the largest and most substantial exhibit of my career. Pulling it together was no less than Herculean because it meant working around a very intense 2022 Legislative Session while navigating some very important and unexpected personal situations. The installation was what we called a “rolling installation”, which was a nice way of saying I couldn’t get everything in and ready to hang on day one. It took three days to install, and when it was done it took me another day or two to convince myself I could exhale.

“Between the Spaces” is a collection of my works through the stages of Covid. There are five series of work starting with

  1. Pre-pandemic (the Coastal Series), moving to

  2. “This is temporary” (the Layers Series), to the next stage of

  3. “How long will this go on, at least it’s nice outside stage”, (The Journey Series), to the

  4. “The Longest Winter Pre-Vaccination lock-down”, (The Nest Series), to

  5. “Reemergence” slowly, to something that might resemble normal, (The Mini Marine Animal Series)

The installation was a cataloging of my history of two and half years, and it was a moving experience for me to talk through it at my opening. It felt like 2020 and 2021 were one long year, and the only way I could distinguish anything along that timeline was to witness the paintings as I created them . It is a gratifying experience, and I felt like it gave me permission to close the door and move forward in a new direction. 

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