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I need to clone myself


I’m loving the look of my new website... at least I like where it is headed.  It’s taking shape but wow is it time consuming!  That shouldn’t be a surprise to me because this isn’t the first website or blog I’ve built; not by a long shot.  I am forever hopeful, however, and I get so excited about the big picture that I temporarily forget how much detail is involved.  And we all know that success is in the details.   (It just feels like the devil:)   As my friend Joann Vaughan (Exec. Dir of MFA) likes to say, let’s not sacrifice the good for the perfect.  So, ready or not, I published it. I’m still aiming for excellence – it’s just going to take a little longer to get there.

Why am I so excited?  Because I’m formalizing what I do and pulling it all together in a unique brand.  After pealing away all of the layers of why I do what I do, why I like it, how do I spend my days, and what motivates me, it boils down to this:  My life is inspired by art and all things beautiful.  I believe beauty is everywhere, and everywhere has the chance to be beautiful. I’ve been helping people for years to love what they do, and where they live.  So my motto is:


And I want to help you do that.   Through original art, limited edition prints, products and services.  Lots of new stuff on the way!

Meanwhile, back to why I need to clone myself.  Need to make a living:)  I’ve been busy fulfilling commissions and special orders (hooray!) and even went back to a series I thought I was done with:  the birds!


While these little paintings are still in keeping with my style of having fun with the birds and not being too very specific, I did create paintings of birds and flowers specific to the Montana region, like the Mountain Bluebird, because they were ordered by a gallery/shop in Bozeman – Dawn Josephine –  and I did have fun creating them.

Meanwhile, I spend my mornings in the studio, and then in the afternoon I’m plugging away in the only room in my house that doesn’t have central A/C – my office.  It was an addition above the kitchen and they added it on where there was once a roof.  The wall AC unit quit after year one. I have a sliver of a water view from here so that almost makes up for it; except during weeks like the ones we are having!   My dog, Shannon who likes to camp out wherever I am, won’t stick around in here – even with two fans it is a bit much.  I’m praying for lower temps!!

I’ll get to sleep sometime next weekend..!!:)

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