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Artists & Merchants make Arts District “Light Up the Night Block Party” a success!


The Annapolis Arts District is very slowly beginning to take shape in the upper part of Inner West Street. It’s a little like swimming upstream, but it’s happening.

I’m talking about the Arts District that supports the artists and arts-related businesses that work in the State-designated district, which starts at Calvert Street and runs generally speaking up to and including Maryland Hall.

Sometimes the artists and merchants just have to get out there and do it on their own.   That’s exactly what happened on December 4, when thanks in very large part to Nancy Hammond Edition’s incredible team – Jennifer in particular – and Lindsay Bolin Lowery, and with the help of O’Callaghan’s Hotel the 1st “Light Up the Night” took place in the lot across from O’Callaghan’s, at FinArt Gallery, and Studio 11 on Madison.

First, we had live music by “Winship”… and they were amazing!!

People were dancing, but I missed taking a picture of it because I was talking to people in my booth... a really fun night!

The picture is blurry because I was hurrying to capture the people dancing spontaneously – what fun! I missed them because I was busy in my booth… not a bad reason to miss a shot!

The artists set up booths – Jovena Artistas, Lindsay Bolin, Nancy Hammond Editions, Margie Boynton and Darin Giliam; joined by Future History Now (Julia Gibb and Jeff Huntington) projecting an image of a running herd of buffalo on the side of the building in honor of Standing Rock, and the soon to open Light House Bistro was represented too.  People walking up and down the street shopped at the booths, sipped on oyster stew from Metropolitan’s stand, Beer from Chesapeake Brewing Company, Hot Cider or Hot Chocolate from O’Callaghan’s while watching David Diaz and Mark Peria paint live.

Across the street Nancy Hammond Editions, Sailor, and Sparrow welcomed visitors, and the newly revamped FinArt Gallery, operated by artist Charles Lawrence was open and packed with people checking out the art by the now additional artists added to the gallery, and around the corner, Studio 11 (a very cozy house with lots of creative space) welcomed people into the newly occupied working studios.

It was a great night – I had fun, made some sales and met some new people who I think will be new friends and nothing is better than that!

Look for us again in March!

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