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Going Coastal for Art and Soul

Before everyone arrives; Yes, I know I match my art :)!

Thanks to everyone that came out last night on such a perfect evening.  There’s nothing like seeing a whole body of my work in a great environment, and to share it with friends and newcomers.

Thanks to MFA for forming a partnership with Soul Restaurant.  What a light and airy space!  Floor to ceiling walls on two sides, clean urban design warmed with wood wainscoting, perfect for art on walls. Delicious food, excellent service, and doors open to the courtyard made for a lovely setting for my reception and talk.  A really fun evening!

Thank you to photographer Bill Greenwood for the pictures with actual humans in them!  Wish I had more pictures of the crowd – I guess it’s more important to be in the moment than to try to capture it for the future 🙂

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